Luxury home decor ideas

Luxury home décor ideas

Who would not want their home to be designed by a high-end professional that would reflect comfort, luxury and extravagance? Everyone does, right? But let’s face the reality now, this would cost a fortune. Don’t you agree with us? Buying a home is anyway a high end financial spend for many and above that spending on luxurious home decor can be quite overwhelming at times! Sometimes, you may even settle for an alternative instead of choosing the best of the best!

But we at Mahaveer believe that each and every one of you deserves only the best and nothing less as no one should compromise with their dream house. Hence, we bring to you some of the best budget friendly luxury home décor ideas that would exude elegance and magnificence.

  • How about a luxury feature wall?

Include the idea of designing a luxury feature wall in your home. This wall could be a patterned one or a color blocked wall. This not only makes a stunning luxurious focal point, but also would be a great background for all your photos.

  • Magic lies in the lighting!

Ensure that the home you choose has a good amount of natural lighting and ventilation. This would give an illusion of spaciousness. Whereas when it comes to artificial lighting, choose the modern LED lights or dangling pendant lights. You could also add an eye-catching chandelier to elevate your living room.

  • Dash of Nature is all you need!

Add a dash of nature inside and outside your home. You could create a mini garden in your balcony which has a mix of vibrant colors and also place plants at different focal points in your home. Some of the most popular indoor plants are mini orchids, flamingo plant, hydrangea macrophylla, aloe vera, money plant, ficus bonsai, peace lily etc. So, go ahead, pick your favorites and add the natural greens inside and outside your home.

  • Mix and Match!

Mix and match different textures and fabrics. Get creative with the colors. Get bold and choose to add a tint of metallics like gold, copper, or hues of silver and integrate them with the accent walls, centerpieces, cushions, lighting fixtures etc. Also, opt for good quality fabrics as well such as linen, velvet or polyester that would complement the furniture.

  • Reuse!

Add antiques from the thrift store which would give the good old classic vintage look to your home. You can also reuse the artifacts and art pieces from your storeroom.

Sometimes luxury is exuded in simplicity. So, don’t go all in and rather choose to be a conscious minimalist. Minimizing also implies less cleaning and a de-cluttered home gives an illusion of a spacious one. And spaciousness is definitely an important characteristic of  luxurious interiors. Well, it is said that style can belong to anyone who is willing to explore and discover it. We believe that you can style your home fabulously just by believing in your taste and having faith.

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So, don’t wait as your dream home and a luxurious lifestyle awaits you. 

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